Interested in being a part of 14/48 Austin? Want to know more about how we do it? Just nosy? This is the page for you! Real below to find out more about the Festival!


Whats the Basic Schedule?


  • 7:30 pm - Company Meeting

  • 8:30 pm - Theme for Day 1 Drawing

Friday and Saturday:

  • 8:00 am - Plays are Due

  • 8:30 am - Directors Called

  • 9:00 am - Actors Called

  • 10 am - 7 pm (with lunch and Dinner Breaks) - Rehearsal

  • 7:30 p.m. - First Show

  • 9:00 pm - Theme for Day 2 Drawing (Friday only)

  • 10 p.m. - Second Show

I can only participate in one day - Is that ok?

While we do prefer to have people participate both days, especially actors, we understand schedules don’t allow that. You are more than welcome to participate Friday or Saturday or BOTH!

Do you really do it all in 48 hours?

Yes! We draw a theme from a hat on Thursday night. Over the night playwrights write plays. Then the next day is spent rehearsing and creating the production. Then we perform, and do it all over again the next night!

I’m not really “in theatre” but I wanna help, can I?

OF COURSE! We want our festival to be a reflection of Austin. If you are not an actor, director, designer, or musician we always need help with food, front of house, and a many other odd jobs. Fill out the form here!

What is it like being in the festival?


It is super fun, a little bit stressful, but totally worth it. With the fast paced nature the festival is all about jumping and making it happen!

Here are some quotes from some people involved about their favorite parts of the festival:

  • Working collaboratively.

  • Working with so many creative folks!

  • The entire experience was joyful.


  • The group networking events

  • Performing the shows for the audience and hearing their reactions.

  • Belly laughs I was overall really impressed with the talent this year.

  • I am always proud of what is accomplished, but this year really felt like a solid team of writers, directors, designers, musicians and actors were assembled. Everything just felt incredibly smooth and easy.

  • Meeting and getting to work with new people.

  • The creativity!