Past Plays

2018 Festival

Friday Theme: Bears and Robots

  • Robot and Bear Peaked Already by Eva Suter

  • Beauty and the Bear Skin Rug by Ava Love Hannah

  • To Save its Own Kind by Greg Klein

  • One Step at a Time by Max Langert

  • Dictionary by Marla Porter

  • Must Love Robots by Sweet Van Loan

  • Identifying Bear by Tristan Mercado

Saturday Theme: Cleaning Up

  • The 7-Step Cleanse by Anne Marie Wynter

  • Ginger Breaks the Rules by Sarah Saltwick

  • Minutes and Digits by Jelisa Jay Robinson

  • Total Cleanse by Tristan Young Mercado

  • No Place like Gnome by Ava Love Hannah

  • Unfinished Business by Meg Greene

  • When the Rhyming’s Over by Greg Klein

2017 Festival

Friday Theme: Revolution

  • Special Pants by Megan Tabaque

  • Eternal Struggle by Greg Klein

  • Sleeping with the Enemy by Sarah Saltwick

  • Unsupervised by Amina McIntyre

  • Who Juggles the Jugglers by Eva Suter

  • Miro by Raul Garza

  • A New Day, My Friends by Anne Marie Wynter

Saturday Theme: Witches

  • But a Witch Ain’t One by Anne Marie Wynter

  • Table 19 by Max Langert

  • Captive by Katie Greene

  • Outside the Casket by Minghao Ty

  • Fight Till the Death by Jelisa Jay Robinson

  • The Witching Hour by Greg Klein

  • The Prince of Sadness by Nat Miller

Friday Theme: Emotional Hangovers

  • Creative Meeting by Anne Marie Wynter

  • Ready Road by Morgan Alicia

  • Catching Up by Max Langert

  • Mind Hungover Mater by Greg Klein

  • Wake Up Happy by Andrew A. Valdez

  • From Ashley to Ashes and Dust to Dustin by Rita Anderson

  • Hangover, The Curse of the Crying Boy by Eva Suter

Saturday Theme: Mistaken Identities

  • Ebola and EColi Walk Into A Bar by Rita Anderson

  • Filthy by Sarah Loucks

  • Hoosgow by Andrew A. Valdez

  • Duck Duck Goose by Max Langert

  • How to Get Away with the Rainbow by Morgan Alicia

  • Blurred Lines by Greg Klein

  • Sarah Gets Married by Brian Daniel Ogelsby

2016 Festival

2015 Festival

Friday Theme: Staying Together

  • The Last Seduction by Max Langert

  • Love, Pangea Style by Greg Klein

  • Horror Trope 7 by Travis Tate

  • How to Start a Punk Band in Fairfield Tennessee by Sarah Loucks

  • 21st Century Hydra by Megan Tebaque

  • 2 x 4 by Joanna Garner

  • Sisters by Brian Daniel Oglesby

Saturday Theme: Time to Go

  • Terribly Odd by Sarah Loucks

  • A Cheesy Break Up by Megan Tabaque

  • Thyme To Go by Greg Klein

  • Bye Bye Bonzo by Travis Tate

  • Life in the Attic by Max Langert

  • Fatherhood by Brian Daniel Ogelsby

  • Stalker? I Hardly Knew Her by Sam Patteson

2014 Festival:

Friday Theme: Lifting the Veil

  • Size of a Quarter by Elizabeth Heffron

  • Statues on Hilltops by Nick Edwards

  • Might’ve Known by Jose Amador

  • The Voice is Familiar by Eddie Levi Lee

  • Dressed in Blood by Dorian Lindle

  • Off the Grid by Ben McFadden

  • Matrimonial Hitch by Rob Jones

Saturday Theme: Uncomfortable Positions

  • Swing Planet by Ella Gale

  • Shark Facts by Eve Suter

  • Forest Warrior Goddesses by Travis Tate

  • I Guess I’ll Give this Dolphin a Hand Job by Lydia Blaisdell

  • The Booth by Delores Diaz

  • Game On by Sarah Saltwick