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14/48 Austin is a sponsored project of Austin Creative Alliance.

Austin Creative Alliance advances, connects and advocates for Austin’s arts, cultural, and creative communities in order to strengthen and protect the character, quality of life, and economic prosperity of our region.

The Austin Creative Alliance is committed to fostering a thriving Austin arts scene. One way we accomplish this is through Fiscal Sponsorships to individual artists and organizations, both fledgling and established. By bringing them under the umbrella of our 501c3 status we can give them access to benefits that would be hard for them to take on their own as they develop more secure footing to then possibly expand as their own nonprofit.

Fiscal sponsorship gives emerging arts organizations, projects and individual creatives the ability to raise funds through tax-deductible donations, grant and contracts as ACA provides liability coverage, training and resources.

The 14/48 Projects was formed to produce and expand the reach of our signature event – 14/48: The World’s Quickest Theater Festival.

Since 1997, 14/48 had been produced through a collaboration between One World Theatre and Three Card Monty, but in 2013 we consolidated into a new organization with a broader mandate.

The 14/48 Projects produces all iterations of The World’s Quickest Theater Festival, Theater Anonymous, and many more social theatrical events in Seattle. We are also developing a network of 14/48 Festivals nationally with 14/48: Austin, and internationally with 14/48: Leicester,  14/48: Wolverhampton, and 14/48: London!


Supporting Sponsors

Below are the amazing individuals who have donated to the 14/48 Festival:

  • Sarah Saltwick

  • Zack McGee

  • Mitch Harris

  • Julia Dossett Morgan

  • Corine Brue

  • Lindsay McKenna